The Best New Robotic Garden Lawn Mowers 2014, Lowest Robot Lawn Mower Prices Guaranteed.

The Best New Robotic Garden Lawn Mowers 2014,

Lowest Robot Lawn Mower Prices Guaranteed.

AutoLawnMow distribute the best Robot Lawn Mowers in UK & Ireland.

Discover the best new Robotic garden lawn mower for 2014 says AutoLawnMow, as it launches its revolutionary Brand-new range and Style of Automatic robotic Lawn mowers for 2014.  Get the very latest generation of Automatic Lawn Mowers in the world.  Autolawnmow Britain’s and Ireland’s premier suppliers of Robotic Garden Lawn Mowers, AutolawnMow offering and delivering ten years in technical experience and customer sales and after service. AutoLawnMow offers the very best robotic garden lawn mowers from around the world.

Automatic robot lawn mowers are without doubt, Britain’s and Ireland’s number one new choice option when it comes to buying a new lawn mower in 2014. Automatic grass lawn mowers were first introduction to the British Isles way back in 2001. Today the Automatic Robotic Lawn mower is fast becoming the world’s no 1 choice of lawn mowers.

 The robotic automatic garden lawn mower offers many benefits over traditional type lawn mowers, automatic robotic garden lawn mowers throughout the world are known to be capable of mowing for up to 8 working hours per day,  subject to each Robot lawn mower model features, and high tech specifications which are unique to each Auto lawnmower.



AutoLawnMow are one of Europe’s leading  Distributors for Robot Lawn Mowers,  so when looking for the very best in a new robotic garden lawn mower, look no further than to Autolawnmow for honest,  friendly ethical safe advice before buying any robotic lawn mower. Autolawnmow offers a professional residential home installation service option on all of its automatic robot lawnmower models, followed up with after sales and servicing department.

If your thinking of investing in an automatic robotic garden lawn mower please visit  or for Ireland. AutoLawnMow offers a complete two year manufacturer’s warranty on our automatic lawn mowers.

For Additional information about our Automatic Robot Lawn Mowers please visit

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Buyers Guide For Garden Lawn Mowers

Keeping your lawn mowed is not a very easy task, but automatic garden lawn mowers make this task very simple for you. Choosing the right Automatic garden lawn mower is the key to a happy lawn.  A very renowned gardener said ` Every automatic lawn mower does not fit your lawn. `  You have to be very careful while choosing your robot gardener.

A lot of factors should be kept in mind while buying your lawn mower. Below mentioned factors should be kept in mind:

  1. Area to be mowed: Area of the lawn plays a very crucial role in this decision. The capacity of the mower is decided by considering the area to be mowed.
  2. Cutting System: The cutting system of the mower should be not be ignored, the material of the blades their life plays a major role in the working of the mower. Before choosing the right mower, you must compare the cutting system of the mowers
  3. Emissions: If a mower is fuel powered, it will emit harmful gases which are not good for you. Electrically powered mowers do not emit gases. Hence, electric auto lawn mowers should be preferred.
  4. Noise: Noise of the lawn mower is very important factor. At times you might have to use your lawn mower for night shift and the noise can irritate you and your neighbors, it should be considered and if there is any sound, the reason should be confirmed.
  5. Energy Consumption: Your lawn mower should have efficient energy management system so that your automatic lawn mower should operate at a very low cost as compared to conventional lawn mowers.
  6. Wheels: Diameter of wheels plays a very important role in the working of the mower. More is the diameter; more is the capacity of mower to work at uneven terrain.  Even the treading of the wheels helps in grip and helps the mower utilize its maximum power.

There are other factors which if present add icing to the cake. Latest Robot lawn mowers come with anti theft systems which make it easier to leave the lawn mower working alone. Alarms and security codes are available which makes your lawn mower operation less if stolen Back track option helps the lawn mower to automatically return to charging spot when battery is low.

The User friendly panels help in easy monitoring of the mower. Solar panels are the latest, embedded solar panels increase the cutting hours by charging the mower in the daylight. A lot of accessories are available for your lawn mower. One should buy a lawn mower with utmost care. You should compare different lawn mowers available in the market. It is just like finding a groom for your daughter and you want the best for her.

Cleaning Up Our Garden Lawn Mower Co2 Emissions

AutoLawnMow UK


Cleaning Up Our Garden Lawn Mower Co2 Emissions 2013 Using Robot Lawn Mowers!

Cleaning Up Our Gardening Emissions is Becoming  an Alarming  Health Fact!

Cleaning Up Our Garden Lawn Mower Co2 Emissions is now possible thanks to new robot lawn mowers  in the UK, A big clean up  is under way if  home owners are to address the serious health and environmental issues  in relation to petrol driven lawn mowers.  Here is one solution or more that can help clean our air from petrol toxic lawn mowers. Thanks to the launch of more new eco friendly garden lawn mower machines. The fast-ever growing European robot lawn mower  market along with the introduction of another brand competitor called Honda Miimo, its first commercial robotic product for domestic use by honda.

Honda Miimo is the perfect solution for those wanting a beautiful lawn but would rather not or can’t mow it themselves. The ultimate time and labor saving device, once installed it needs minimal human interaction when working to ensure a beautifully cut lawn, every day, for the length of the mowing season.

Honda Miimo operates a ‘continuous cutting’ system, typically mowing just 2-3mm of grass at a time, several times each week. It cuts in a random pattern, meaning less stress on the grass, more healthy growth and reduced moss and weeds. Unlike a traditional lawn mower it doesn’t need to collect cuttings, as the clippings it creates are so small that they are dispersed into the lawn root system, breaking down quickly to act as a natural fertiliser which improves the health and quality of the grass.

Honda Miimo navigates the garden through an intelligent combination of controls, timers and real-time sensory feedback. It works within a boundary wire, installed under the ground or in the grass around the perimeter of the garden. Honda Miimo detects the electronic signal in the wire and stays within it, ensuring high levels of safety and accuracy. Powered by a high performance lithium-ion battery, it is self-charging, constantly monitoring its battery level and returning to its docking station when it needs to recharge.

Uniquely, Honda Miimo features a fan, built-in to its blade holder, which creates airflow to effectively ‘suck’ the grass towards the blades. This ensures a superior finish and a more consistent distribution of clippings back into the root system. Additionally, in a first in the market, it uses three highly durable blades, which bend rather than shatter on impact with hard objects, eliminating the danger of pieces of broken blade being left on the lawn. Cutting height is adjustable between 20mm and 60mm, to suit the conditions and time of year.

European sales of robotic mowers are growing rapidly. With the garden increasingly used as an ‘outdoor living room’, people living busy lives and not wanting the work of maintaining a lawn; and an ageing population perhaps not able to do so, robotic mowers are a perfect solution. They also deliver excellent environmental benefits; not producing CO2, quieter than petrol models, and with no cuttings to dispose of.

Honda Miimo operates using one of three modes – ‘random’, ‘directional’ or ‘mixed’, to suit the size and type of garden. Random mode sees it navigate the lawn without a fixed pattern; whilst in directional mode it moves back and forth in a more uniform fashion to ensure a faster cut. Mixed mode allows intervals of random and directional cutting.

Honda Miimo features three independent 360 degree ‘bump’ sensors, which detect a solid contact between it and any obstacle. If a bump sensor is activated, it will stop, turn and move away from the point of contact in a different direction.

Honda Miimo can ascend slopes and when it encounters patches of thick or long grass it will automatically reduce wheel speed but maintain blade speed in order to deal with tough areas effectively.

Both safety and security are assured by two ‘lift’ sensors which are triggered if Honda Miimo leaves the ground. On activation it shuts down completely, an alarm sounds, and it cannot be used until the owner inputs a unique PIN. In line with new regulations this means that it cannot be picked up whilst the blades are turning, and it is rendered useless in the event of theft.

At launch, Honda Miimo will be available in two models, 300 and 500, offering a maximum perimeter cut of 300m and 500m respectively. Honda Miimo 500 will mow up to a total lawn size of 3,000 square metres, around half the size of a typical football pitch, making it suitable for a wide variety of gardens.

The introduction of Honda Miimo heralds a whole new model for Honda Lawn & Garden Authorized Dealers. Uniquely in the market, it will be sold as a full service package. Upon purchase, the dealer installs the docking station, which acts as both the charging point and signal generator. A boundary wire is connected to the docking station, then routed around the perimeter of the garden to define the mowing area. Honda Miimo is then programmed to cut to a schedule convenient to the customer, via its inbuilt timer and calendar. Then, at the end of the season the Honda Authorized Dealer collects it for winter maintenance, and, in some countries, winter storage.

Honda has been working in the development of robotics since 1986, with the predecessors of ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot. Honda Miimo is the first commercial robotic product manufactured by the company for public use – representing its first step towards providing customers with robotic solutions to improve quality of life at home.

Honda Miimo will be manufactured by Honda France Manufacturing in Orlean. It will be available from Honda Authorized Dealers across Europe in early 2013.
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If you’re planing ahead for next summer’s grueling lawn chores after the dreaded chores of the summer past then you maybe excited to learn of a new eco friendly automatic lawn mower called Ambrogio L50 Deluxe, AutoLawnMow UK has something that will help you relax and enjoy your garden time a bit more.


AutoLawnMow has unveiled their new 2013 UK website ,with a range of classy retro style robotic lawn mower that trims 1-25mm of grass in several shifts during the course of a week. The range of green-thumbed robotic lawn mowers from AutoLawnMow UK offers and navigates with a combination of software driven auto controls, timers and high tech bump sensors while working inside the constraints of a laid boundary wire around you lawn edges.

As you might expect, you can now park up your petrol gas thanks to the latest in high tech lithium-ion batteries which can match the mowing power of just about most traditional petrol driven lawn mowers. The robot L50 Deluxe Ambrogio robot lawn mower is already becoming a big hit among UK home owners with less than 500/600sm lawn. Dont worry if your lawn is larger as the AutoLawnMow range of Ambrogio robot lawn mowers offers robotic mowers that are capable of mowing areas up to 5 acres at a time. If you’re worried about adjustments, cutting height can be easly adjusted between 20mm (0.79 inches) and 60mm (2.36 inches) with tweleve fully operational robotic lawn mower models there will be one to suite any size of lawn or job available in 2013.

With a huge take up on our robot lawn mowers says Patrick Mc Cann from AutoLawnMow UK, we are preparing for a very busy early spring 2013, with stock range between 1300 and 1500 mowers in 12 different robot lawn mower models which will be available from AutoLawnMow in 2013.

For the latest information on AutoLawnMow robotic lawn mowers UK

download our 2013 robot lawn mower uk brochure at our website above.

Gardener’s Health Warning 2012

Gardener’s Health Warning

Gardeners with petrol-driven lawnmowers could be exposing themselves to alarming amounts of cancer-causing chemicals. A petrol lawn mower takes only one hour to generate the same level of carcinogens as a car engine on a 100-mile journey, according to many new studies.  [Ed. “A Gardener’s Health Warning should be issued.”]

Analytical chemist Dr Roger Westerholm, who did the research, said owners should consider fitting catalytic converters to their mowers to reduce the danger. The cost of manufacturing all petrol lawn mowers would rise dramatically, not to mention soaring petrol prices making petrol lawn mowers  an unpopular choice for consumers when shopping on-line for a new lawn mower.

Dr Westerholm, who is based at Stockholm University in Sweden, said the carcinogens were contained in the four milligrams of poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) emitted in one hour’s mowing.

He discovered 26 different PAHs in mower exhaust fumes, including 100 micrograms of benzopyrenes, which is widely implicated as a carcinogen in cigarette smoke.

The mowers also produced more than one pound of carbon monoxide and several grams each of methane, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and smoke particles.

Dr Westerholm said this was of particular concern because mowerusers would be in close proximity to the exhaust fumes as they cut the grass.

‘People are breathing these fumes in,’ he added. Lawnmowers are important sources of PAHs that have not been investigated before.

‘Some of these chemicals have been found to be carcinogenic in animals, and I would expect them to be carcinogenic in humans as well.’

Dr Westerholm said the four-stroke, unleaded petrol engine he tested was ‘typical’ of most modern lawnmowers.

‘It’s not good for your health,’ he warned. ‘I would solve the problem by using an electric lawnmower or by fitting a catalytic converter to petrol engines.’

Dr Westerholm, whose findings appear in the magazine New Scientist, said other petrol-powered garden tools, such as leaf blowers and chainsaws, should also be fitted with converters.  


Lawn Mower Human Health Fact’s

You’re (Petrol Lawnmower) and Co2 Emissions Health Alert


EPA has finalized a new emission control program to reduce hydrocarbon emissions from small spark-ignition engines by about 35 percent. The new exhaust emissions standards will take effect in 2011 or 2012, depending on the size of the engine.

The final rule also includes new standards to reduce evaporative emissions from these fuel systems. These standards will reduce the harmful health effects of ozone and carbon monoxide from these engines.

This page provides consumer information, regulations, guidance, and compliance fee and certification data for ten categories of nonroad spark-ignition engines, ranging from lawnmowers and garden equipment through airport service equipment. For the homeowner, there is information about maintaining a lawn, while minimizing air pollution from spark-ignition engines. For additional information about our emission standards, see our Fact Sheet: Final Emission Standards for New Nonroad Spark-ignition Engines, Equipment, and Vessels PDF Version (5 pp, 208K, EPA420-F-08-013).


AutoLawnMow is one of Europe’s top leading on line solution providers for automatic lawn mowers offering the largest range of eco friendly “Ambrogio”  robot lawn mowers in Europe. Ambrogio the world’s famous brand of space age lawn mowers are now available through out the UK and Ireland.

AutoLawnMow offers free genuine friendly  advise to home-owners seeking to buy their first automatic lawn mower. AutoLawnMow offers an endless source of information including downloadable  brochures etc direct from the AutoLawnMow website. For more information on eco friendly automatic lawn mowers visit AutoLawnMow today and protect your health and lawn by having your own automatic Eco friendly lawn mower.

Lawn Mowers UK
“Consumer Health and Emissions Alert 2012”  
Dr Westerholm, an analytical chemist whose work is detailed in the New Scientist,found in a study that lawnmowers emit polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). He told BBC News Online: “People who use these mowers will be exposed to this kind of chemicals.”
“Stay healthy while mowing your lawns this summer”
“I would solve the health and Co2 lawn mower emission problem by switching over to an electric mower such as a automatic robotic lawn mower or by fitting a catalytic converter to petrol lawn engine mowers”
USA Campus Reduces Lawn Mowing for 2012
Dr Westerholm publishes his findings and reveals 
Alarming new Health risk’s around petrol lawn Mowing.
Dr. Westerholm graduated from University of North Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. This school is ranked #29 out of 144 in primary care quality by US News & World Report
Learn more about Dr. Westerholm’s medical training.Read more:


Visit AutoLawnMow and learn more about our Robot Lawn Mowers.  If you have any thoughts regarding my suggestion of the publication of a Gardener’s Health Warning, please comment below.


Automatic Lawn Mowers – Buyers Guide 2012

Automatic Lawn Mowers from AutoLawnMow

AutoLawnMow launches its revolutionary Brand-new range of Retro Style Ambrogio lawn mowers for 2012,the very latest and largest generation of Automatic Lawn Mowers in the world. Making Autolawnmow Britain’s premier suppliers of Robot Lawn Mowers delivering ten years in technical experience and customer service.

Ambrogio auto robot lawn mowers are without doubt, Britain’s number one choice when it comes to automatic mowers, since its first introduction to the British Isles in 2001. Today, the Ambrogio Robot Lawnmower brand is fast becoming the world’s no 1 choice of Automatic lawn mowers. Continue reading

Automatic Lawn Mower

Robot Lawn Mower World News!

Global Demand for Gardening Products to Surge, Backed by Rising Popularity of Gardening as a Recreational Activity, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts

GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Gardening Products Industry. Austerity measures that became prevalent during the recent recession, combined with aging population and high global concern with respect to environment are driving the global market for gardening products. Other factors fuelling growth include increasing importance of gardening as a recreational activity, and individuals’ zeal to develop their gardens in homes, as well as the desire to enhance the aesthetics through well-maintained lawns and gardens. Continue reading

Welcome to Robot Lawn Mowers Reviews

You worked hard all week, eagerly looking forward to your break and relaxation time on the weekends. However, when the weekends roll around, do you really want to waste your time mowing your lawns weekly over the next 8/9 months? Chances are, you said, “No!” Moreover, I don’t blame you as 80% of homeowners hate the task of mowing lawns over and over again every week. Continue reading