L200 Elite Evolution Model

The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System

AutoLawnMow UK presents The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System As one of the most popular selling systems in the world. It has all of the features of the L200 Evolution but the Elite model is totally brushless. This is a major advancement in motor design and technology. To gain further knowledge of the advantages of brushless motors please download our warranty from the bottom of the page and this will help you understand the differences.

All AutoLawnMow Systems are installed at your home by one of friendly and efficient AutoLawnMow technicians, meaning you can sit back and relax while your Ambrogio Evolution Elite robotic lawn mower system is fully fitted and tested to ensure all is working correctly.

Watch It Mow Your Lawns for you every day! Take a look at the wide range of features and benefits of why the Ambrogio Evolution Elite robotic lawn mower system is leading the way in home robotic lawn mowers.

You Will Soon Learn Why this Ambrogio Evolution Elite robotic lawn mower system is the perfect robotic system for homes with up to 4 large lawns. It will save you valuable time and effort and you will also be helping to reduce carbon footprint by being more energy efficient and so "doing your bit" to help reduce global warming, please see our environment friendly page for additional valuable information.

Fully Autonomous - The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System departs from it's own re-charging base station and returns to the recharge base on its own when the battery requires charging. Once the robotic lawn care system is installed around your home the system will take care of your 4 lawns throughout the year for you fully automatic. The robot will travel from lawn to lawn itself without any human intervention required. There is no grass to collect as the robot mulches the tiny grass fibres on a daily basis back into your lawn, which acts as natural fertilization giving you the perfect lawn feed all year round.

Consumer Awareness
"Did you know that a traditional fuelled lawn mower working for just one hour emits the same Co2 emissions as that of 35 cars travelling 100 miles? Amazing facts (Source EPA)
For EPA Report Click Here

Environmentally FriendlyEnvironmentally Friendly - With global warming now a major worldwide issue plus traditional lawn mowers creating 5% of our national co2 emissions you can have peace of mind with your home robotic lawn care system as there is no emissions from your robotic lawn care system. Read above the new health report and affects that traditional petrol lawn mowers are having on your family's health.

All Auto Lawn Mow UK Lawn Care Systems run on rechargeable Lithium ion batteries; and do not use petrol or burn oil. You will help to reduce "noise pollution" too as these systems are so much more quieter to run than traditional mowers, in fact you can even set your system to mow at night without disturbing anyone.

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L200 Elite Evolution Model

The Benefits to "grass cycling" or "mulching" is hugely beneficial to your lawn and friendly to your environment, not only are you feeding your lawn with vital nutrients which includes nitrogen, you are also feeding earth worms and other insects too, and these creatures play an important role in improving the quality of your soil. Mowing your lawns with Mother Nature's Seal of Approval!

Lawn Size - The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System will handle lawns up to (3/4 acre) 4 separate lawn areas. Just imagine your lawns mowed daily and groomed to perfection all year round with an operation cost of just £6.00 per year. The robot automatically charges itself when required at the base station which is plugged into the mains. A trickle charge is all that is required to keep the batteries charged on a daily basis. The Ambrogio Evolution robotic lawn mower System makes the perfect professional gardener.

Steep Slopes - Once again, The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System leads the world market, able to handle slopes of up to 27 degree. The robot will drive up slopes and hills without losing mowing power. For extreme slopes we can fit extra spike wheels which allow for more hill traction.

Smart Spiral - Detects fast growing and thick grass (such as around obstacles), cutting a tight circular pattern and working its way out to ensure your whole lawn is kept free of grass tufts resulting in a perfect crew-cut smooth finish to your lawn.

Rain Sensor - The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System is specially designed to cope with our UK weather climate. On the first wet day (or week) this will be a feature you won't want to be without. When it rains and a rain drop hits the rain sensors the robot will stop mowing and return back and park up inside its own re-charging garage.

The garage keeps your robot dry while not in use. One of the special features of Auto Lawn Mow robotic lawn care systems is the waterproof garage base station that is provided with our systems. Having your robot tucked away inside it's own waterproof garage ensures all the connections etc are kept dry/clean and protected from UK winter weather conditions.

Twin Lithium-Ion Battery - The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System, lithium battery lowers the weight and increases performance dramatically.

Heavy Duty IMS Brushless Motors - These specially crafted motors, not only give a big boost in auto lawn mower power and performance, they are also whisper quiet at 28 db. All Auto Lawn Mow robot lawn care systems come with a Full TWO-YEAR WARRANTY.

Four Lawn Zones Around Your Home - The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System is designed and programmed to handle 4 separate lawn zones around your home on total automation. No other robotic system can perform this task on full automation.

Once set up and installed in your home by our professionally trained technician it will mow lawn A, go back to recharge, come back out to work and mow lawn B, go back again and recharge, then when charged mow lawn C and D, all without any human intervention. Auto Lawn Mow UK range of robotic lawn care systems are the only robotic lawn care systems in the world today with this advanced technology. FULLY AUTOMATIC. Please be aware of similar false claims been made by other retailers.Anti-Theft Alarm

Anti-Theft Alarm Anti Theft Alarm - The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System has two security features. (1) A four-digit password to allow the machine to work. Just like entering a code into your mobile phone to allow it to work. Without the code the system is worthless to anyone. (2) If anyone attempts to lift the auto mower from the lawn the 58db output alarm siren will go off similar to that of a home alarm. The homeowner can just add The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System to their home insurance should they feel the need to, for extra peace of mind just as you would add jewellery and other valuables.

Robot Lawn Mowers Change the Way You Maintain Your Lawn!

Our Robot Lawn Mowers are great for the less mobile. The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System needs very little regular maintenance during mowing season, It's also very convenient for people travelling or those who are away for long periods of time, on return they can expect to find a beautiful, healthy lawn to welcome them home.

In Addition, It's Self-Programming. This feature alone makes The New L200 Evolution Elite Lawn Care System one of the premium robot lawn mower systems in the world, and worth its weight in gold! As it mows it determines the resistance of the grass and the size of the lawn to calculate the next time it needs to mow again. Show it off to your friends while using your infrared remote control. This feature will impress the best every time!

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L200 Elite Evolution Model

You'll soon learn why our equipment is
the world leader in robot lawn care mowing.

An Automatic Lawn mower doesn't just improve the Way Your Garden Looks - It Changes Your Life!

Take a look at the demo videos of our full range of robotic ECO friendly Lawn Mowers. You'll soon learn why our lawn equipment leads the world in robot lawn mowers.

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L200 Elite Evolution Model

10 Year Warranty10 Year Mowing/Mulching Deck Warranty
AutoLawnMow UK is so confident in the quality of its Mowing/Mulching deck construction, that we now offer a unique 10-Year warranty on the underside mowing chamber mulching deck.

The quality of this high density polymer under-chassis which is fitted on all of our robotic lawn mowing systems is guaranteed against cracks, splits, distortion and stone penetration during working operations. This warranty covers all of our robotic lawn care systems and, you will not find a warranty of this length on any other type of lawn mower on the market today. As a valued customer we offer you peace of mind and assurance that you have made the right decision in purchasing one of our robotic lawn care systems.

A Two Year Guarantee is offered on all AutoLawnMow Robotic Lawn Care Mowing Systems, at ALM we are dedicated and passionate about our product range and it is important to us that you receive the very best service level.

ALM also offers a 24 hrs support line for after sales and service. 01536 210 216

Click Here to view two years warranty (PDF opens in new window)

Latest Prices on Robot Lawn Mowers

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