Ride on Lawn Mowers

If you have a large lawn you probably think that using a ride-on mower is the best machine to use.  However below are a few points to consider which should make you change your mind! The pros and cons are spelt out below:

Cumbersome, heavy, polluting. A ride-on lawn mower is a machine that some-one sits on for a long time trundling around a large lawn cutting it using up time and fossil fuels. There are huge wheels and framework on top of which there is a heavy engine, a steering wheel, pedals, a seat, accelerator, gearbox and if the mower is not a mulcher a huge collection box. The whole thing is cumbersome, heavy, extravagant on time and fuel and very time consuming.

Light, Time Saver. What is an automatic lawn mower? It is a blade powered by a battery that sits on a light, small casing which also includes a computer. All this is on small wheels and it can cut a lawn as large as 4 acres using no time or fossil fuels.

Polluting, Not Green. A ride-on mower uses a lot of petrol or diesel and also needs oil. All these are fossil fuels which are a) getting scarce and b) are expensive but most importantly c) emit large amounts of pollution which damage the environment which causes more rapid changes to our climate. (See 'Think Green' to understand more about this.)

Time Consuming. Time is precious and many hours are taken up each week just sitting on a rideon mower cutting the lawn.

User Unfriendly. How many times has your hat or specs been plucked off while cutting around and under trees and bushes while using a ride-on mower?

Only Cuts When Dry. If the lawn tends to have damp patches or needs cutting after heavy rain, a ride-on mower will mark the lawn as it is so heavy. If you wait until the lawn has dried out a bit, the grass will most probably have grown too long and the lawn becomes unkempt.

Storage Space Needed. Once the lawn is cut the mower has to be put away in a shed or garage taking up precious storage space.

Expensive Annual Service. A yearly expensive service is a must for a ride-on mower. This entails the dealer having to collect and return it adding to the cost.

Grass Clipping Disposal Problem. Unless the ride-on mower is a mulcher grass clippings have to be disposed of. This is heavy, time consuming work, produces a rotting unsightly heap and is a waste of the nutrients the clippings do produce.

Green. Our Robot Lawn Mowers do not produce any emissions and only use a very small amount of electricity for the battery to get charged and also activate the signal given out by the cable which surrounds the area to be cut. This signal of only 24 volts, is entirely harmless to animals and any humans.

No Human Input. With our Robot Mower, once set up by a fully trained technician, no more of your time is needed to have your lawn neatly mown at all times.

Obstacles No Problem. Because the Robot is so small it does not come to any harm pushing under overhanging branches etc. When the robot meets a tree trunk or solid obstruction it will gently bump into it, back away and go off cutting in another direction.

Cuts Any Time. 9 Kgs is the weight of our middle size Robot Mower – light enough to cut leaving no visible sign of its passing other than a neat lawn. If wished it can do all the mowing during the night.

No Storage Space Needed. The Robot Lawn Mower puts itself back into its charging station which is a neatly fitting 'house' positioned inconspicuously on the lawn near an outside electric point. Inexpensive Annual Service. The robot can be taken in a car or sent via courier to the dealer for a service thus keeping costs down.

No Grass Clippings to Dispose of. With our Robot Lawn Mower the tiny clippings save on having to fertilise the lawn. (See 'Mulcher v. ALM').

When one comes to think about it our Robot Lawn Mower has advantages on all the above points. The initial cost will be much the same as buying a ride-on mower but it will soon have paid for itself in so many ways. If you have to employ a gardener to cut the lawn the savings will be huge – no wages.


Sue Rawlings(Poole, Dorset)

We bought the L200 deluxe last summer and we are very satisfied with the installation and service from ALM, several of our friends have also purchased systems now as our lawns look so beautiful and we save ourselves so much time every week, no more mowing and having to dispose of all that grass. My husband is over the moon, it's the best purchase we've ever made he says. Thank you ALM, you really helped us choose the right model.

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Mike Sharp(Kent)

Well, what can I say! fantastic, we can't recommend these robot systems enough, there's a few different one's on the market and we had another brand 2 years ago and it didn't meet our expectations. I visited a friend who bought the basic L200 and he was much happier with his so I decided to go for the deluxe version and I haven't had any regrets. We had it installed to make sure it was set up properly as I didn't want any problems with this one, it work's like a dream. Got a few friends heading your way ALM !

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Rod Manton(Corsham, Wilts.)

Thanks for the honest advice and great service level, brilliant products, the L50 is ideal for my garden size and provided much attention last summer, my neighbour had never seen anything like it, he thought it was a hoover! I think it's the KV8 next for me!! Thanks to the ALM team

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Frank Price(Bath)

Thrilled with the service, installation and performance of our L200 Evolution robot we bought from ALM last spring, we can holiday with peace of mind that the lawns will look as beautiful as they did when we return as they did when we left them. No more back breaking mowing for the wife or me anymore! Our grandchildren love watching our gardener work away, they are amazed that there isn't any grass, "it's magic" they say, and they are right, it is magic! - Many Thanks to all at AutoLawnMow.

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Ruth Symonds(Chipping Norton, Cotswold)

Firstly, thank you AutoLawnMow, you really have been so very helpful, the service you provided me was first class and much appreciated. My new gardener has worked very hard throughout the summer and provided me with the most beautiful lawn I have ever had. The garden is a pleasure to spend time in, and I have so much more time on my hands.

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Mark Wild(Cheshire)

Congratulations to ALM on their product range, I have the KV8 and the L200 Evolution and I have also purchased 2 other KV8's for family members, they are a hit with us all. Take it from me, robots are the future. My lawns look amazing, envy of the neighbours, I'm sure they'll be onto you soon ALM. I'll take a discount on the next purchase, thanks!

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